We work with many clients who are new to taking photos and it is not unusual to be a little bit nervous, I think you would be surprised at how quickly people adapt to being in front of the camera. Remember we are there to direct you and give advice on what you should do, the vibe in the studio is very laid back and friendly so there is nothing to be nervous about. 

Yes! Tilly and Mabel are our official animal assistants here at Owen Burley Photography, they are qualified Pets As Therapy dogs and absolutely love a cuddle (plus naps!). both girls, is a very small Bichon Frise &  Mabel is a Bichon mixed with Maltese. both are hypo-allergenic so suitable for those with allergies. If you would rather them not be there during the shoot that is no problem, just let me know and I will place them both upstairs (where she will no doubt nap the whole time). I do offer everyone that comes in for headshots a free picture with Tilly & Mabel, we already have quite the collection!


If you are running late, send me an email to let me know and I will do everything I can to make sure we still get the shots needed in the time we have left once you arrive. We require at least 24 hour notice of cancellation otherwise we will unfortunately have to charge the full amount. 

Once you go through the process of booking your space. it will direct you to photo workflow that will allow you to pay there. Please be aware, once making your booking, you have a two hour window to make your payment otherwise it will be removed and you could potentially lose your slot.

You will get given your photos on your own personal profile within the website “photo workflow” this will be made clear to you once you go through to the booking system. As soon as the photos have been edited, you will be notified and can retrieve them from that same account.

Depending on the circumstances it is possible but not advised. I love to know my surroundings and I can’t always promise that the space provided by anyone else can be good enough.

You will get a personal space for you to look over your photos from the day, I would suggest you sit on them for a while and make sure you are happy with your final choices. maybe even let other industry professionals, such as your agent take a look at them before you decide.

It is generally recommended that those in performing arts update their headshots annually. Children and teenagers may need  to update them more frequently as their appearance rapidly changes. Corporate photos are generally updated when moving to a new job or if your appearance has drastically changed.

Dependant on the package you have purchased , all headshots include edited photos (this includes retouches). Any temporary blemishes will be removed, If there are specific things you want changed please let me know as soon as possible. I can reduce the presence of things like moles and scars or slightly reduce signs of ageing however you want your photos to look like you so I don’t recommend doing this too much. An overly air brushed photo will be obvious to others the second they see you in person. We want to get the most flattering photo of you not make you look like someone else.